The GRUEN: Green Urban Environments project is an educational challenge to secondary students to dream and design their sustainable urban future!  Schools in Asia will interact with partner schools in the European Union to develop their ideas.

Students will use an online Moodle workshop to participate in asynchronous online discussions to share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and develop their ideas for planning their “Dream Green City”.  Working in small cross-cultural groups, each team will develop their vision for a more sustainable and healthy living environment which addresses climate change issues, transportation, housing, and work environments.

Each team will be mentored by academic experts, NGO consultants, and coordinated by university students and their local teachers.

Teams will create short presentations (3-5 minutes) which highlight their visions for a green urban environment.  A panel of experts will judge all of the team presentations, and winning teams from the EU and Asia will be awarded transportation to Hong Kong to attend the conference in person, accommodations included.

The course will culminate in a Dream Green conference, where all teams will present their visions and discuss their ideas.  Teams will gather at regional hubs such as university campuses, and join a synchronous web conference which links all the regional hubs together.

This project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and hosted by the Hong Kong Baptist University.  The Principal Investigator is Dr Tushar Chaudhuri, External Relations Coordinator, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Associate Head of the Department of Government & International Studies at HKBU.
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Hands holding Green World
Image courtesy of Energy Efficiency and the NCC, by Evan Logan