Keynote Speaker (Day 1)



Mrs. Kathleen Ferrier

Chair, Dutch UNESCO Commission

Mrs. Kathleen Ferrier is actively involved in issues relating to international relations, with a focus on human rights, migration, education, health and sustainability. Born in Suriname, she worked on grassroots health, education, and development projects in Chile and Brazil, before serving as a member of parliament in the Netherlands for ten years. Mrs. Ferrier lived in Hong Kong from 2013 until 2018. Since 2013, where she was a lecturer at HKBU, and taught master-classes on politics and human rights at different Hong Kong Universities and throughout the region. Since 2018, she is based in The Netherlands and is the Chair of the Dutch UNESCO Commission. Mrs. Ferrier writes articles and columns, is a public speaker on female empowerment and leadership, international relations and the principle of diversity as a source of strength.

Keynote Speech (click link for video): Limitless creativity needed for a sustainable future

Abstract: Kathleen will elaborate on the importance of this program from the point of view of the targets of both the EAP and the Jean Monnet programs. She will speak about its special value, as it focuses on Secondary School Students. Also from the point of view of the United Nations targets in general and from the SDG’s in particular, she will elaborate on what the involved students so far have been doing. Finally, she will elaborate on the complexity of our societies and specifically our cities, and on how we can use our experiences, regarding our dealing with Covid-19, to make this world a better place, for all of us.